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Precautions need to be Baths Aids taken to make sure that a senior does not falling in the tub. Slip resistant Bath Strips will help you solve this problem. Another aid that tops the list of bathing aids for disabled people is the portable bath. This is for the disabled who are unable to use a regular bath. The great thing about the portable bath is that it allows the disabled to have a thoroughly enjoyable and safe bath without having to move to the bathroom. It can be placed on the bed itself as the portable bath is designed to fit all beds.

We know and understand how every detail in the products we sell affects our customer’s daily lives. From well designed handles, special wheels, efficient turning radius, etc. We understand and wish to assist in the best possible way in your research and selection process of the products we offer. Our website is created to easily navigate our products, place your orders, and manage your account. We have an automated Return Request system, Efficient Tracking of our shipments, Order History, and full time Phone Support.

A swivel bath transfer seat is good for the senior with limited mobility as a caregiver can help the senior into the seat and then it can be swiveled around until the seat is in the appropriate position for bathing. The Versa bath seat is a newer creation but is more expensive than some bath seats but is definitely worth the money if you can afford it. This is especially beneficial for the senior who has a Baths Aids high level of mobility issues and/or pain considerations.

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Create a safer environment in your bathroom with our selection of bath safety aids. Our shower stools provide a stable place to sit while showering and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all at an affordable price. Quality materials like water-resistant teak and aluminum give our shower seats years of use. Also explore our collection of Bath Aides products to find everything you need for your bath. Ensure the safety of your home; order now.

The portable bath comes with a durable wet and dry vacuum. It inflates, deflates and dries the tub quickly and easily. All that the disabled person has to do is to roll onto the portable bath. Once they are in it, the tub is inflated around them using the vacuum. The tub is deep enough to prevent Bath Aides spillage and splashes thus making the need for cleaning up the bathing area less of a chore.

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Bathing aids for disabled people are an investment in safety. They prevent accidents in the bath mainly caused by slippery and wet surfaces. It is common to hear of such accidents which cause serious injuries and can prove to be fatal at times. Broken bones, sprained ankles, injuries to the back, cuts, bruises and so on are common in the bathroom Bath Aide even to those who are able. Another aid that tops the list of bathing aids for disabled people is the portable bath. This is for the disabled who are unable to use a regular bath. The great thing about the portable bath is that it allows the disabled to have a thoroughly enjoyable and safe bath without having to move to the bathroom. It can be placed on the bed itself as the portable bath is designed to fit all beds.

The portable bath even comes with a hand-held shower. It can be connected to a tap that may be as far as 25 feet away. Need a long and consistent shower? No problems.The drain hose can be turned off just for this purpose. The portable bath offers options for bathing and shampooing the disabled in bed. In terms of aids for the disabled, we can appreciate why the portable bath rates very highly.

Adjustable transfer benches are excellent to help seniors get in and out of the shower. These can often be adjusted for left or right-handed people. This transfer bench has height-adjusted legs, a removable back as well as arm, a built-in hand held shower holder and finally suction type feet. This bench supports a person who is up to 350 pounds in weight. The adjustable transfer bench is very durable and is also rust proof.

There are many more bathing aids for disabled people. The important thing is that those who care for the disabled, including family members, need to be aware of what is available. They need to realize the fact that bathing aids for disabled people are above all, a safety consideration. What are some of the other bathing aids for disabled people? You will be pleasantly surprised by the range of bathing aide for the disabled that are so readily available and affordable.

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When seniors decide to live in their own homes Bath Aid, precautions need to be taken to make sure that they do not hurt themselves by falling in the tub or down the stairs, etc. There are a number of different independent living products as well as services that can make it possible for seniors to live in their own homes as long as they want to, despite the reality that their physical needs are changing as time goes by. Independent living products help make it possible for seniors to delay moving into an assisted living situation or a nursing home and in some cases the senior can remain in their home to live out the remainder of their days.

How else does the shampoo hair washing aid help? As the tray is light and compact, it reduces awkward bending for the disabled. Water spillage is minimized by the raised edges of the tray which can be wrapped around the arm of the disabled person thus providing more stability and assurance. The blow molded bath board allows a senior to sit upright in the tub in order to wash. This is a good option for those individuals who need help getting into the tub but do not need the assistance of a transfer bench. This item is textured, portable and has a non-slip surface.

The adjustable shower seat boasts a removable back as well as arms and it allows for the patient to sit or stand in order to bathe. It has legs that can be adjusted according to height as well as a built-in shower spray holder and suction feet. There are no Bath Aid weighty issues when it comes to this shower seat as it can support a person who weighs up to 300 pounds.

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It can be hard to bathe when you are elderly disabled, or overweight. People often buy bath aids such as Bath Aids chairs, wall bars, bathtub rails and showers that attach to the tub spout. Although bath aids can be beneficial, they often don’t meet the needs of bathers. Most are band aid solutions and do not use universal design or barrier free design principles. Among the bathing aids for disabled people that is very popular is the shampoo hair washing tray. Its design is such that it is easy and comfortable to use. The tray fits the neck of users comfortably in addition to resting nicely on their shoulders. It takes the mess out of hair washing for the disabled.

Bath aids merely muddle through barriers — that’s why they are called “band aid” solutions. A conventional bath or shower is a barrier for many. The step-in height can be as high as 23″. A bath bench or grab bar on the wall or tub wall does not eliminate this barrier and is unsafe. We must remove the barrier which impedes one’s ability to perform safe bathing. With the best products and customer service as our underlying principle, with commit to a Price Guarantee program, don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions. Eliminating barriers contributes to the safety and security Bath Aids of individuals with unique bathing needs.